For veteran fashion designer and design director, John Bourgeois, fashion is not only a passion, but a labor of love. The creative mastermind behind some of our top-selling brands such as John Mark, Multiples, Ali Miles and Slim-Sation graduated from prestigious FIT, trained in Florence, and began designing in 1988. When John started his award-winning career at Jerell Inc. in 1999, it sparked his entrepreneurial fire and desire to create innovative, high-quality, and beautifully ageless apparel for women, that would stand the test of time.  

John revitalized and launched Multiples in 2008 with a goal to deliver modern, sophisticated pieces that would boost her style and confidence profile, no matter her age or body type. Crafted in feel-good fabrics, brilliant hues, and unique, exclusive original prints. “The Multiples collection was designed and curated so that each piece would stand on its own and allow her to effortlessly mix-and-match pieces with a sense of confidence and create her perfect look”.  

Hot on the heels of Multiples, John focused on his desire to design and create the perfect pair of pants that effortlessly shape and contour the body — and Slim-Sation was born.  

“Our customers and friends were constantly asking for pants that fit well, but also reflect a stylish look that’s relevant.” - John Bourgeois 

After extensive wear-testing, designing, and testing, the Slim-Sation slimming, thinning, shaping pants were produced. Specially engineered with our exclusive fit-technology to seamlessly slim the belly, shape the hips and contour the waist, these innovative pants have been flying off the shelves and clothing racks of top retailers and boutiques across the country.  

John Mark, which is his namesake line, embodies the bohemian spirit of self-expression, creativity, and individuality with vintage-inspired tops and bottoms that double as wearable art. John Mark is a culmination of all of John’s knowledge and inspiration to design the perfect garment that helps his ladies express their personality and uniqueness with confidence. 

Designed at Sharon Young headquarters, here in Dallas, with inspiration from John’s global travel and fashion finds, his designs are made for women to feel good about themselves. John’s originality, his bold brilliant visions and creativity are like a breath of fresh air in the sometimes-monotonous world of women’s contemporary apparel.  

When John is not traveling and creating, he loves to spend time with his friends and family at his ranch and lake house in East Texas or enjoy a ride in his boat or stable of fine cars.